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How we communicate, test with Tamsin Mendelsohn, speaker and iPhone, 2016

How we communicate, is an experimental body of work that responds to the increased use of text based communication devices in our daily lives. The work uses bespoke software to interpret human voice or clapping into text, mimicking how computers transmit information.

In 2016 I did a Micro Residency at Eastville Projects in Yeovil to explore working with the idea of sending binary information soley through voice and rhythm. During the residency I had the pleasure of meeting Tamsin Mendelsohn who took the challenge of using her voice to activate some software I had written.

The residency gave me the opportunity to test the software in a range of settings. The video above is the first test of the work it which Tamsin learned to type hello.

In July 2016 I worked with SPACE Studios London on a Summer school program and made a version of the work that allowed people to clap text.2016