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owl project


Here is the brochure to my show "3 Sound Sculptures" at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. It has an essay by Richard Klein.

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Back in 2009 Paul Rogers from Northumbria University invited Owl Project to take part in a conference about artists and designers who make technology. Here is an extract from the catalogue that has me and Steve Symons talking about the Owl Project.

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The whole book is avaliable to buy.
Digital Blur: Creative Practice at the Boundaries of Architecture, Design and Art (Libri Publishing, 2010)

In 2010 I organised a show in Manchester with Andrea Zapp. It was called Analogue is the new Digital. There were many great artworks that aimed to reflect and interact with the invisible sub-structure of data that permeates our world. Here is a link to pdf of the the catalogue we produced. It has an intro by Andrea and an essay called 'Mapping Didgital Infrastructures' by Geographer Martin Dodge.

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