copying clave 2019

software to copy a clave pattern

In this work computer software listened for a repeated pattern and then attempted to play along with it. It was envisaged that such a system could be used for musical education purposes, music practicing and live interactive music. It was presented with the idea that others could write similar software and that this could act as blindfold Turing test.

Presentation history
Sound & Music Computing Conference, Malaga, June 2019 (poster)

During Afro-Cuban music classes many of my teachers would play a repeated clave pattern and I would be asked to listen, sing it and then play along. I began to wonder how this process could be implemented on a computer. I came up with a moderately successful solution which I presented at the 16th Sound and Music Computing Conference. Only a few participants were able to play a repeated pattern precisely enough for my implementation of the software to copy them.

Copying clave - video documentation, 2020