how we communicate 2017

a performance exploring computer communication

How we communicate was a performance and installation in which I used my voice to produce binary rhythms to create the following stream of ASCII text: “Hello I am a signal in a noisy channel”

Presentation History
DIEM Elektro, Det Jyske Musikkonservatorium, Aarhaus, Denmark, September 2017 (performance) Sound & Music Computing Conference, Cyprus, July 2018 (poster)

The aim of this work was to produce a piece that needed little description. In its performance I purposefully did not say what I was going to do so that the audience had to puzzle it out over the course of the performance itself.

Performance of How we communicate at DIEM, Aarhaus, Denmark, 2017

System design
The performance version of this work used software I developed in OpenFrameworks to mimic a serial connection. To avoid the use of additional libraries I used a simple RMS amplitude detection algorithm. I performed the work to an audible clicktrack.